The History of Wisconsin High School

The First 50 Years

The 1961 Baby Badger was published during the 50th anniversary of the founding of Wisconsin High School. That yearbook contained many pages describing the school's history and the changes over the years. Those pages are presented below.
  1. Acknowledgments

  2. The Wisconsin Academy
    Photo: An early classroom.

  3. The early teachers
    Photo: An early music class.

  4. Recent innovations
    Photos: A recent air trip (that's not a Cessna 172); an early shop class.

  5. More innovations
    Photos: An early English class; a modern language lab.

  6. And more innovations
    Photo: An early science class.

  7. Principal Miller
    Photo: An early class photo.

  8. Principals Davis, Ryan, Corey, MacKenzie, and Goldgruber

  9. The acanthus
    Photo: An early home economics class.

  10. Foreign connections

  11. Physical education
    Photo: A gym class.

  12. Social activities
    Photo: "H.M.S. Pinafore."

  13. More activities
    Photo: The WHS marching band.

  14. Odds and ends
    Photo: White mice.
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